My own indoor Sensor

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EVE whether broke:( so i decide to make mu own sensor. I just use eve cover for Aliexpress stuff. It’s messure PM2.5/PM10, Temperature, humiditi, air pressure, light level. ESP8266 – 3€BME280 – 4€GY-302 – 1€PMS7003 – 10€ ALL: 18€ and of course my IndoorSensor firmware:)More supported hardware You can find here: Wiring is simple:BME280 and […]

Homekit indoorSensor 1.0.1

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ESP8266 homekit native software that run with many diffrent seonsor. Available  values: PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, humidity, Light level, Air pressure, TVOC, eCO2, Motion, Noise, Collison’s and much more. Actually software support phisical devices (Tested): *PM2.5* – PMS5003/7003 *TEMP/HUM/PRES* – SHT3x – BMP180 – BMP280 – BME280 *Light* – Temt6000 – MAX44009 (gy-49) – BH1750 […]

Alarm v2 Update 1

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I’m glad to introduce you next update for my Security firmware. Now it can be used not only as a Security System but You can use it as Smart HK sensors. Major improvements Output managment Now You can set GPIO as outputs and make them interact with system events.   Sensor or Complex System Decide […]

Alarm v2

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Hi i want to introduce You a new more complex and functional Security system. To start You need ESP 8266 Chip, optional some Sensors Like PIR HC-SR501, Contact MC-38/RC-36,  Occupacy HW-MS03 and any other working on 3.3V output     Major improvements Easy management via web browser You can change all settings using  friendly responsive browser interface   […]

Homekit Universal Indoor Sensor

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On request one of facebook colleagues here it is Indoor sensor!! Now sensor is working only with BMP 280 /BME280. Tested only with BMP, i’m waiting for BME sensor so firmware can have bugs. I’ll update it with lot’s of others devices for example: Plantower PMS 7003 Sensor Air Quality Sensor TEMT6000 SHT3X GY-CCS811 MICS-5524 […]

Homekit Secure KeyPad

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First KeyPad to allow You secure access to Your homekit accessories and scenes. Now You can use PIN codes for automation running like comming home or door opening. Thanks to OTP, you can provide access to a cleaner or postman:)   How This is homekit enabled device that creates 2 Sensors to automate scenes. For […]

Homekit Gesture Controller

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I saw fibaro SWIPE for Z-Wave SmartHome and i didn’t find any similar solution for Homekit… So I decide to do my own. And of course share with all of You. Sometimes it’s easier to “use finger”  than look for the right icon on your phone. Personally I rather to use physical buttons and switches. […]

How it works

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As i mention in older post i want to receive notification if some sensor trigger but not all the time and it’s nice to have automation based on triggers with some additional values. I create Security system based on ESP Chip it’s shows as 2 accessory’s in home app Security System and Motion sensor. I […]

First run Sharp FU-Y30EUW with homekit

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Done! prototype version is ready. Software and wiring is ok and air Purifier still working 🙂 Unfortunately, this is the second, the first one was damaged 🙁

My homekit setup

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Apple TV gen. 3 and 4 Philips Hue GU10 (Colour, white) E27 (Colour) Lightstrip (~12m) Hue bridge v2 Motion Sensor Hue Dimmer switch Kaiterra Laser Egg 2 Danalock (gerdalock) v3 homekit Eve thermo Fibaro The Heat Controller Fibaro motion sensor Fibaro door/window sensor Kogeek door/window sensor Kogeek O1EU Multifunction Smart Outlet Kogeek P1EU Plug DENON […]

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