Homekit indoorSensor 1.0.1

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ESP8266 homekit native software that run with many diffrent seonsor.
Available  values: PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, humidity, Light level, Air pressure, TVOC, eCO2, Motion, Noise, Collison’s and much more.

Actually software support phisical devices (Tested):

– PMS5003/7003

– SHT3x
– BMP180
– BMP280
– BME280

– Temt6000
– MAX44009 (gy-49)
– BH1750 (gy-30/gy-302)

– CCS811

– HC-SR501
– HC-SR505
– AM312
– SR602

*Occupancy microwave*
– HW-MS03
– RCWL-0516
– HB100 X
– HB100
– HFS-DC06

*Noise sensor*
– Sound Sensor (CZN-15E)

*Colision sensor*
– YL-99

You can connect any digital output sensor (DOUT).

In homekit You can create any of available sensors and attach measure characteristic or triggered signal output.
You can customize Homekit accessory as You wish.

Advanced functions:
– Customize Air quality sensor: Custom level values
– Smart sensor triggering: Can be triggered on signal (like motion detected from PIR) or calculated value. For example temperature based triggered with between condition like 21-22. Of course other like less, equal or not equal are supported too.

I’m still working on make the measured values more reliable with callibration and baseline. Now all results are almost identical comparing to branded devices.

Any idea how to make it better or request more devices: just put in the comment your wish.

Soon i’ll try to post ready connection diagrams for prepared devices just for not technical guys:) All my software is really easy to use. All you need is a computer with windows, USB cabel, ESP8266 board and some sensors.

If you want to start and have any question feel free to ask on my friends facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/holmkit
You will get ready answer how to build accessori for less than 10€.


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My own indoor Sensor – Dziky
6 days ago

[…] ALL: 18€ and of course my IndoorSensor firmware:)More supported hardware You can find here:http://dziky.pl/homekit/homekit-indoorsensor-1-0-1/ […]

6 days ago

Is this using the esp-homekit project or the mongoose one?

7 days ago

Is this connected to a bridge? Or is it WiFi?

Reply to  admin
6 days ago

Cool I thought so thanks, just I thought I saw bridge in the video