Homekit Gesture Controller

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I saw fibaro SWIPE for Z-Wave SmartHome and i didn’t find any similar solution for Homekit…

So I decide to do my own. And of course share with all of You.

Sometimes it’s easier to “use finger”  than look for the right icon on your phone.

Personally I rather to use physical buttons and switches.

PAJ7620U2 CJMCU-7620

And i order gesture recognition  sensor CJMCU-7620. It can identify 9 kinds of gestures.

In first project i create 3 Stateless Button with 3 events each. But i didn’t like it becouse I had to divide gesture  for three . Then iOS 13 comes with sensor grouping (I know that lot’s of people hate that) but it’s greate solution to create 9 motions sensors that can be used in automations.

So that’s how it looks like:

9 sensors group
Gesture sensors group

For my home I’m not using all aviable gestures. I just use it for TV control.
Up and Down for switching channels and clockwise to vol up and anticloclwise to vol down.

You need to be careful assining actions becouse sometime sensor will recognize two gestures and run scene that You didn’t want:)

After some time you will get practice and mistakes will be less common:)

Build instructions:

1) Connect Wemos D1 mini or nodeMCU to CJMCU-7620 (see wiring section)

2) Get firmware from Download page

3) use miniUSB to burn flash ESP (See how)

4) That’s it! Go and PAIR your device


VCC -> 3.3V
GND -> G

SCL -> D6
SDA -> D7

Hope You’ll find it useful in Your home setup. Let me know how You use it maybe i’ll find more inspiration.

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1 year ago

APDS-9960 supports?

1 year ago

Wow. It’s nice stuff