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As i mention in older post i want to receive notification if some sensor trigger but not all the time and it’s nice to have automation based on triggers with some additional values.

I create Security system based on ESP Chip it’s shows as 2 accessory’s in home app Security System and Motion sensor.

I use motion sensor to trigger alarms but it can be also contact sensor if You like.

You can set one of 4 modes:

  1. Disarm (Wył.)
  2. Night arm (Noc)
  3. Away arm (Poza domem)
  4. Stay arm (W domu)

  1. If System is in Disarm mode sensor is disabled and not triggering
  2. In night mode System will no trigger alarm but sensor is active and detecting motions
  3. In Away mode System is fully armed, motion are detected and triggering alarms with Push notifications.
  4. In Stay mode motions are detected. System after 10 min will automatically switch to Armed (Away). I use it to armed system automatically when i’m leaving when i forgot something i can back without triggering alarm. System will notify when changing status to armed.

After triggering alarm system will stay in “calm down” mode for 90s to not generate too many notifications.

If You want to try just flash You ESP with my software available in Download section. Connect some sensor (motion or contact) to GPIO13 (D7 for Wemos D1 mini and nodemcu) and that’s it.

Check Your sensor for powering (some are 3,3 and other 5V) use corect PIN for wiring.


Software can have bugs so let me know and i’ll try to fix it.

There’s no guaranty so You making everything on Your own risk:)

It’s free and You can use as many “System security” as You want.

Good luck

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1 year ago

Is there a way to get a sound alarm triggered when motion is detected?