Paring Dziky accessories

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After succesfuly chip flashing it’s time to configure it and pair with Your home app. First You need to connect ESP to Your Wifi network. Go to wifi networks in Your mobile and try to find one looking like Dziky-XXXXXX. Connect to it and wait for captiva portal to be displayed with all found WIFI […]

How it works

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As i mention in older post i want to receive notification if some sensor trigger but not all the time and it’s nice to have automation based on triggers with some additional values. I create Security system based on ESP Chip it’s shows as 2 accessory’s in home app Security System and Motion sensor. I […]

First run Sharp FU-Y30EUW with homekit

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Done! prototype version is ready. Software and wiring is ok and air Purifier still working 🙂 Unfortunately, this is the second, the first one was damaged 🙁

My homekit setup

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Apple TV gen. 3 and 4 Philips Hue GU10 (Colour, white) E27 (Colour) Lightstrip (~12m) Hue bridge v2 Motion Sensor Hue Dimmer switch Kaiterra Laser Egg 2 Danalock (gerdalock) v3 homekit Eve thermo Fibaro The Heat Controller Fibaro motion sensor Fibaro door/window sensor Kogeek door/window sensor Kogeek O1EU Multifunction Smart Outlet Kogeek P1EU Plug DENON […]

Homekit Security System

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I want to use homekit notification to know what’s happened in my apartment. I have door/window sensor, homekit lock etc. but I don’t want to receive notification all the time when someone pass the main door or open lock… Of course i can enable and disable notification when I’m leaving but what about rest of […]

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