Alarm v2

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Hi i want to introduce You a new more complex and functional Security system.

To start You need ESP 8266 Chip, optional some Sensors Like PIR HC-SR501, Contact MC-38/RC-36,  Occupacy HW-MS03 and any other working on 3.3V output



Major improvements

Easy management via web browser

You can change all settings using  friendly responsive browser interface


Sensor Management capability

Add as many sensor as You need. Including motion, contact, smkoe, leak and occupacy sensor type.


Adjusting system settings

Change settings and adapt to your needs including disarm and exit delays. Auto arming time and more.



Now You can integrat Security System  with other homekit sensors  and accessories which you already have. You must be able to use automations.

Actions during the alarm

You can for example turn on and off lights or change colours to red/white every X secouns.

Customize the sensor

You can set the individual behavior of the sensor like show in Home app, type, gpio, or not to trigger alarm.

To start:

1) Download and burn my firmware

2) Connect Wifi

3) After successful joining wifi network go to IP address using You web browser (check your DHCP router) to adjust settings and run Homekit Server.

4) Now pair Alarm in Your home App.

Homekit don’t like to change sensors in accessorie!


So it’s better to remove alarm first to add or remove sensors.


Becouse of memory limitation system does not validate the configuration!!!

Large number of sensors can cause errors. I tested on max eight sensors.

For GPIO use numbers like 12,13,15 etc. so check first Your board pinout.

Don't use Specjal or white Characters in Sensor name.
You can change name latter in home App. So try to use short and simple one.

When You run webPanel device will not response in Homekit.

  •  You can always enable webPanel in EVE App. System will reboot and goto setup mode homekit server will be stop. After 10 min inactivity system will back to Homekit (You can do it faster in webPanel)
  •  To intagreate with other accessories use “Trigger Alarm” Switch. If You set up automation to turn ON this switch  based on some events System will trigger Alarm if was armed previously.
  •  To manage lights during an alarm use “Light control sensor”. Set automation to turn light On and color red on sensor trigger and Off/White when sensor clear. Sensor will change his state every X secound until the system is disarmed.

Enjoy and let me know how it works in comments.

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Ciao gran progetto, lo sto usando tantissimo; complimenti ancora.
Avrei bisogno di una spiegazione sintetica di queste funzioni:
Triger delay time
Active time
Time extend on trigger
Pull-up resistor

ti ringrazio per la risposta.


Apple Just released a new open source of Home kit, cross compatibility with Google and Alexa


Hi, nice project! I thought I would give it a try on a Wemos d1 mini. I think i burn it right but can’t seem to get it working.

I’m using to burn the image, below is the syntax I used. –port /dev/cu.usbserial-1420 write_flash 0x1000 /Applications/Python\ 3.8/main.bin


I love it!!! Thanks



Could you add output pin for real siren and it’s time out please?

When alarm trigged, that pin will be high for seconds which user had defined.


Addition: Can you add a button input for it like sonoff toggle. (For example, GPIO0 is good choice for it) For example, If that input short pressed, alarm will change the states off-home*, outside*, night* (* choose three of one). If long pressed, it resets wifi configuration and DHCP router can be opening for managing of ports or settings of alarm. Briefly I say that, we could also open or close our alarm with physical button and users shouldn’t need to program esp again when modem’s wifi name or password has changed or user wants to add more sensors after… Read more »